Klondike – Heats up to 100m2


Enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family, by the Masport Klondike Potbelly. This wood fire will heat up to 100m2 and has the advantage of a cook top. If you are looking for durability at a lean cost, this is the perfect wood fire for your outdoor living space.


The Klondike is the little relative to the Masport Pittsburgh and heats up to 100m2.

Constructed with cast iron and having a 10 year warranty on the firebox, you can be assured that this Potbelly will be here for many winters to come.

Designed for medium to large spaces, you will enjoy the radiant heat that this classic style that this wood heater provides. 

There is an ash pan that is included and you are also able to cook on the top.

Other facts:

  • 67% efficiency
  • 1.3g/kg emissions
  • maximum log size: 250mm
  • Estimated 10kw heat output

Masport Klondike Potbelly