ESSE 905 wood stove $11,490.00


Description The ESSE 905 wood stove is the perfect baking stove

important link 100% made in England, this stove is designed to be easy to use and to bake, and bake all day long

recherche femme de menage montpellier Firebox

The firebox is HUGE. It takes 18″ long wood and will burn for 12+ hours on a single load of wood

test online dating booster 2 x Baking ovens

The 2 ovens are both cooking ovens and will bake perfectly

The top oven is perfect for cakes and pastry

The bottom oven is 50C cooler which is perfect for slow cooking your roasts

somalian usa dating site Massive cooktop

ESSE’s unique ‘Dog Bone’ shaped skillet hot plate is huge. It allows you to have up to 4 or 5 pots spread across your ESSE at one time.

The cast iron hot plate design allows you to boil your kettle or fry up your steak quickly on the left hand side. To control the temperature of your pots, simply slide them across to adjust the heat from boiling to simmer to tepid.

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Esse enamel finishes means you have up to 20+ colours to choose from


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